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Top 6 Free MidCap Share Market Tips By Shyam Advisory

  • Posted Date: February 18, 2021

Share Market Tips in Midcap Segment By Shyam Advisory

After a favorable budget, Indian markets have jumped back sharply from 13600 levels to all-time high levels of 15,300. Favorable share market tips have helped readers of this blog in making big gains. The market sentiments remain highly positive and a good stock tip can help investors in garnering smart positive returns in a small time frame of 2 to 3 weeks.

For our readers, Shyam Advisory is bringing out a list of the top 10 most favorable share tips from the midcap and smallcap segment. These stock tips are likely to give a favorable return in near future.

Industrial Sector Share Market Tip

In the industrial sector, our recommended stock tips are Ashok Leyland and Aegis Logistic.

Automobile Industry Share Market Tip: Ashok Leyland

This truck and bus manufacturer has a market cap of 39,000 crores and is currently trading in the 130 to 140 range. The stock is trading 4.0% above its 1 monthly simple moving average, with its 14 days RSI touching 54.0. Sharply jumping back from its low levels made during the 2020 market crash, Ashok Leyland is back in news again, driven by increased sales, favorable market sentiments, and increasing demands for heavier vehicles.

If everything goes alright, the stock can taste the high levels made during 2018. The company is looking for diversification also. It has recently purchased 26% stakes in a solar energy firm, led by the Hinduja group. In the automobile sector, Ashok Leyland is our favored stock market tip. Since it is an FNO stock, a trader can also go long on the ticker, as a suitable Nifty Options Tip.

Logistic Sector Stock Market Tip: Aegis Logistic

Aegis Logistics Limited is a company engaged in providing logistics and supply chain services to the oil, gas, and chemical industry. It also operates a network of gas filling plants under the Aegis Puregas brand. Aegis is currently trading at a CMP of 301 INR, with its price being 3% above its monthly moving average and RSI touching 59.0. Its December quarterly profits rose by 40%, QoQ, backed by a stellar performance in September.

As the gas and energy sector revives, Aegis can see increased demand for logistics movement and hence increased revenues. The stock has reflected the performance of the company. Investors can buy AEGISLOG for a target range of 335 to 345, a clear 10% upside from the current levels.

Consumer Goods Segment

In the consumer goods segment, our recommended stock tips are Voltas and Sheela Foam.

Consumer Electronic Sector Nifty Options Tip: Voltas

Voltas Limited is engaged in consumer electronics like room air conditioners, contract revenue, commercial refrigeration products, and sale of services. Over the last few years, the company has become a household name, driven by favorable marketing and rising income levels. Presently trading at a rising RSI level of 52 and 3% above its SMA, the stock is constantly making new market highs every week.

As the temperature changes are visibly happening and income levels are constantly rising, the demand for consumer electronics will only rise northwards. In short term, investors can go long on Nifty options of Voltas. Traders can but Voltas at current trading levels with an expected return of 10% to 15%.

Rubber Sector Stock Market Tip: Sheela Foam

Sheela Foam is a rubber and foam sector manufacturer that sells products under the SleepWell brand. The company is a well-established player with a major segment of the Indian foam and rubber markets. After recently making its lifetime high of 2300, the ticker has fallen by nearly 10% and trading at the 2020 level.

With low volatility, the stock is currently well below its overbought zones and can be bought as a safer investment with low risk. It can favorably see a 12 to 15% upside before the present fiscal year gets over.

Information Technology Share Market Tips

Post the mayhem of Covid, if there is a segment that has seen considerable growth, then it is the IT sector. With an increased demand for digitization and work from home environment, investors are advised to have IT sector stocks in their portfolios.

Information Sector Stock Market Tip: Cyient

This IT sector gem provides Data & Network Operations, Engineering, Manufacturing, Industrial Products, and Product Realisation services. It has recently invested in multiple avenues to diversify its reach, the latest being a significant investment in cyberspace automation. With a low promoter’s pledged share, it is trusted by a number of mutual fund managers.

The stock is trading at an RSI of 50.23 and has recently crossed its monthly moving average. Investors can look at a 15% upside in the stock before March comes to an end. Presently trading at 620, the investors can go long for 700 levels. Cyient is also a preferred stock market tip for the long term, as the stock is still trading well below its lifetime highs.

Financial Sector Share Market Tips

Our favored stock market tip is ICICI Securities and Bank Nifty tip is Indus Ind bank

Asset Management Segment Stock Market Tips: ICICI Securities

ICICI Securities provides a diverse range of financial services including brokerage, financial product distribution, and investment banking, and focuses on both retail and institutional clients. Presently trading at 420, the security is well below its intrinsic value. Its expected earnings growth is projected at 78%, which is the highest in the past 3 years.

The present levels can be considered as a favorable entry point, with a possible upside movement of 30%, in this fiscal quarter.

Bank Nifty Tips: IndusInd Bank

Promoted by the Hinduja group, it was considered to be the next big thing in the financial sector. Management issues and loan repayment crisis drove the price of the security to the ground, as the stock prices crashed by nearly 70% in 2020. In 2021, the bank’s ticker has seen a stellar performance, as it jumped by nearly 15% in a single day. Presently trading at 1040 levels, the investors can enter the stock for a 6% to 10% return in the coming weeks.

A note of Caution

We at Shyam Advisory post regular Commodity Tips, MCX Tips, Currency Tips, and Crude Oil Tips in our blog feed. A piece of important advice for investors and trader is to always keep strict stop losses in place to minimize their credit loss. The stock market can be rewarding as well as challenging too.

Most of our Stock Options tips are analyzed technically but the market is known for its unpredictability. Traders are advised to practice caution and discretion. Keep investing, keep winning.

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