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Nifty Option Tips, Index Options Tips

Bank Nifty Tips

Bank Nifty Tips

It comes to a volatile market, the Bank Nifty Options has the most extreme one. At times when the Reserve Bank of India announces some policy, it can skyrocket straightaway from 50 to 100 points, but can also come down crashing. There is no dearth of Bank Nifty Tips providers, however, most of them do not have the required expertise and experience to deal with a high volatile market. We at Shyam Advisory® have more than a decade of experience in Bank Nifty Options. Owing to our seasoned professionals and advisors, we are thriving in this cut-throat competition. We are extremely good at understanding the pulse of the economy and financial markets related to Banks in India.

Why ShyamAdvisory® for Bank Nifty Tips?

– We highly value your time. We feel that it is important to let our clients know about the trends that are both in upward as well as downward swing. Significant knowledge and experience in dealing with past trading data is the crucial aspect of any Bank nifty tip provider. When it comes to Bank nifty option tips, volatility can be significantly high, and this is why we provide stop loss at 75 points. Quantitative research and an expert understanding of the key macro sector coupled with the strategy formation keep us ahead of the vulnerable forecast of the Indian banks market.

Expect one to two calls a day for Bank Nifty Tip

– Our team of financial experts will surely give at least one call a day for the single target. Our accuracy has been well above 90% on a monthly basis. On a more cautious note, more important than the successful intraday trading tips are to have discipline in trade management. Seasoned professional traders and advisors are the core part of our team who ensures very high accuracy of their tips. This is because they are extremely well aware of the stocks and their movements for the last few years. Our clients can expect daily recommendations on good quality stocks, especially of the lag-caps and the mid-caps.

About Shyam Advisory® as Best Bank Nifty Tips Provider

When it comes to Bank nifty option tips, it is important to consider the volatility. The Bank Nifty index fluctuates severely in accordance with good and bad news related to twelve large and liquid banks. We are perfectly capable to work with investors, traders, and intermediaries. Our motto is to preserve the capital of the client first and then invest the money to gain profit. We send regular updates and briefs (of advice on-call) through SMS also after the end of every call. If you are just new to the market, be assured that our subscription services are very affordable both in the short and long term. We do not proceed without placing the stop loss. It is mandatory to be placed in our system. We also don’t engage in partial profit trading. At last, the only thing we expect from our clients is to sincerely follow our guidance, especially of disciplined trading management. There will be times when we would strictly advise clients to follow stop loss on the call.

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Enquiry Form

What is NIFTY stand for.?

NIFTY stands for National Stock Exchange 50. NIFTY shows 50 equity stocks out of 1600 stocks traded in the stock exchange. These stocks cover 12 sectors of the Indian economy including – financial services, information technology, entertainment, consumer goods, metals, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, cement, and related products, automobiles, pesticides, energy, and many more. NIFTY is one of the nation indices among two indices, owned by the India Index Services and Products (IISL). SENSEX is one of the indices owned by the Bombay Stock Exchange. We are the best Nifty tips provider in India.

NIFTY consists of different indices – NIFTY50, NIFTY Bank, NIFTY Next 50, NIFTY IT, and Futures and Options derivatives of NSE.

NIFTY Index Listing Eligibility Criteria

Here are the NIFTY Index eligibility criteria:

  • The company should be Indian and registered with the National Stock Exchange.
  • The company stock should hold high liquidity. It is the security cost transaction concerning the index weight through market capitalization. It should be less than 0.50% for 6 months.
  • For six months, the trading frequency of the company should be 100%.
  • The company should have 1.5 times higher free-floating market capitalization.
  • Shares with Differential Voting Rights.

One of the free NIFTY tips is that the NIFTY index is renovated every six months and meanwhile analyzes the stock performance. With the respective eligibility criteria, the companies’ stocks are eliminated or reconsidered. However, the respective companies are informed a month before reconstitution of the index about the addition and elimination. According to the NIFTY trading tips, apart from the periodic reconstitution the stock elimination and addition from NIFTY Index also depends on the changes made in the company like compulsory delisting and spin-off.

Besides this, the NIFTY share market conducts quarterly screening of the companies to check their portfolios as per the guidelines. best bank nifty tips provider.

best bank nifty advisory

best bank nifty advisory

NIFTY Tips for Share Market Calculation

At NSE indices, the share index is managed by a team of experts. NIFTY has an Index Advisory Committee to offer expert guidance on equity indices. NIFTY 50 is calculated on the float-adjusted and market capitalization weight method. Under this, the level of an index represents the overall market value of stocks in a specific time.

The formula of Calculating price index is –

Index Value = Current Market Value / (Base Market Capital*1000)

NIFTY share market index is the benchmark for calculating all Indian equity markets. NSE maintains the index regularly to ensure that the benchmark is valid for all the companies and stocks as per guidelines.

Also, brand indices like Sensex and NIFTY are considered as a standard benchmark to calculate Mutual Funds to measure their efficiency.

nifty future tips

nifty future tips

What are Nifty Options Tips.?

Before understanding the Nifty Options, you need to understand the Options instrument.

Options allow a trader to buy or sell the stock at a fixed price and within a specific time. Options trading is quite complicated as compared to stock trading, but can help you earn large profits. It is because you don’t need to pay the full security price under an options contract. We offer the best nifty options tips with a single target.  As per the best options tip’s provider, the options can be used as:

  • Leverage – Traders can earn profit from changes in share prices without decreasing the full price of the share. The trader has full control of stocks without even buying them.
  • Hedging – Options trading allows you to buy or sell the share at a predetermined price over a specific period and saves you from the fluctuation in the price.

However, Options are pretty beneficial for a trader but need good knowledge and the support of the best option trading tips provider in India.

Two Types of Options are:

  1. Call Options

The Call Options provides the right to a buyer to buy a particular share at a specific price on or before the expiration date. Call options to bring you more profit as the value of the underlying share increases.

  1. Put Option

The Put Options provide the right to the seller to sell a particular share at a specific price on or before the expiration date. As you can sell the share at any given time, if the price of the shares decreases, you are safe with the pre-set strike price. That’s why investing in Options is quite profitable for the trader.

If the price of the stock increases, the seller only loses the premium amount and does not suffer from the entire price loss.

Nifty Option is a derivative instrument. Here the underlying asset of options is Nifty like Nifty 50. For example, Nifty 50 has a lot size of 75, multiple expiry dates, and different strikes. Your loss and profit depend on the raise/low of NSE NIFTY.

Under the NIFTY option, a trader only pays the premium of the actual price of the underlying asset. You can determine the option price using an options calculator for complex models. To become successful and earn success, you need the best nifty option advisory services. You need to invest a little to make it huge.

bank nifty option tips

bank nifty option tips

As per Shyamadvisory® – the best nifty option advisory services provider, these are the points one should know before investing in Nifty Options.

  • The lot size of Nifty Options is 75.
  • The formula to calculate the margins is for:

Buying Options (no separate margin, but 100% premium need to be paid)

Selling Options (Exposure Margins + Total Margin Comprising of SPAN)

  • The brokerage of Nifty Options depends on per order irrespective of the number of lots available on the specific order.
nifty options tips

nifty options tips

Rise and Fall

As you know, the profit from options trading is the difference between the market price of the underlying asset (Nifty) and the strike price of options contracts. The higher the price, the more profit will be. You need to keep a close eye on the market and can take nifty options tips from us.

Numerous factors affect the market, and a trader should consider all the factors before making any investment. External factors like government policy, international developments, and more. Internal factors that affect the price rise and falls like change in management of the company, work policy, and more. However, no worries you are not investing in the underlying asset (NIFTY), but only in the price.

Check out the Premium

Premium is the price paid by you to enter in the options contract with the seller. Numerous factors affect the premium and the primary factor is the moneyness of the premium. It is whether a particular stock can get you to profit by selling it at that moment. As per the bank nifty option tips provider, the premium will be higher when the options are in the money condition and less when the options are out-of-the-money. Premium is inversely proportional to the returns, high the premium lower the returns will be. As per option tips, one should invest in out-of-the-money as the premium is less, the returns will be higher. However, it is quite risky, but you can take the support of the best bank nifty option tips provider in India to take the right decision.


Options trading is for the short-term and not a long-term opportunity. All the shares under options have a fixed expiry date and on the expiry date, all the settlements are done by cash or delivery. There are three options available for the expiry date – near month, next month, and for a month. Indeed, you can buy options contracts any time before the expiry date. It is quite risky for the long-term investor.

According to the best bank nifty advisory, your investment strategy for Options should consider factors like investment goals, risk, and other requirements.

You can either trade through your broker or can use the online trading portal or application. You have to provide a few documents to the broker or online portal before starting Options trading. According to the best nifty option tips provider, you can try trading strategies like strangle, butterfly, or collar for trading in India. These strategies help you to earn maximum traffic.

What is Bank Nifty?

Bank Nifty is a group of top stocks from the banking sector. The stocks are mostly liquid and largely capitalized. These bank stocks are traded on the NSE (National Stock Exchange). It offers information about the market performance of the Indian banking sector, which tells a lot about the Indian economy.

Bank Nifty holds 12 stocks from the banking sector and the Bank Nifty Index changes as per these banking stocks. To know more about it, you can take support of bank nifty advisory services. These stocks don’t remain, it changes according to the performance of the Bank stocks.

bank nifty tips

bank nifty tips

How Calculation works of Bank Nifty.?

According to the bank nifty advisor, the following is the methodology to calculate Bank Nifty Index:

  • It uses a base date i.e., January 1, 2000, indexed to the base value of 1000.
  • The index level directly shows the value of all the mentioned stocks.
  • The performance of all the shares in Bank Nifty depends only on the top 5-6 stocks.

How to Trading of Bank Nifty.?

Bank Nifty creates numerous opportunities for buyers and sellers. Traders can make a huge profit by investing in the right place. We offer you the best bank nifty tips provider. The stock market is not an easy game, you need to learn, read and experiment to be the master player of the game. We have experts of Stock Market trading who offer you bank nifty expert advice by analyzing the charts and performance of the stocks. Many beginners and successful traders seek bank nifty recommendations before investing huge amounts.

According to the experts, one of the most important banks’ nifty trading tips, to keep in mind that whenever the underlying asset goes higher than the futures market, it is opening numerous opportunities for you.

Tips for Successful Trading in NIFTY 50


Here are a few nifty trading tips for successful trading:

  • Nifty Derivatives

You can invest in Nifty Derivatives like Options and futures. By investing smartly, you can generate enough profit from the derivatives. The index (underlying asset) is not a stock, so you can’t pick delivery of the same stock on the last date of the derivative contract. All the derivatives are cash-settled at the end of the expiry date.

  • Invest in Futures

No matter if you are a bull or bear in the market, you can make maximum profit by investing in the index future. Simply square off your position before the expiration date and enjoy a huge profit.

  • Invest in Options

Under this derivative, both buyer and seller decide a price in the present and then buy and sell the stock in the future at the decided price rate. The buyer pays an amount to buy the legal rights of the stock to trade it in the future.

  • Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are similar to index funds. Investors can participate in the value creation process by tracking the performance of an index. It offers better returns and exposure to the investors.

  • Index Funds

It is a kind of mutual fund to increase the market value. The portfolio is designed to match the market index to get the maximum exposure. The growth of Nifty in the last few years has attracted big investors from retail, institutional and foreign areas. Investors either invest in Nifty directly or index funds. These different features make Nifty the most appropriate investment stock. You can try our bank nifty suggestion to make a huge profit in trading by analysing the risk.

  • Investment in Intraday Stock Options

Investors can trade the nifty on an intraday basis. Under intraday trading, the investor opens a position at the beginning of the day and closes it before the closing of the market on the same day. The intraday procedure is the same as the trading in options. Keep your eye on the volume and the price fluctuations of the particular stock. Shyam Advisory® is offering the best commodity trading tips.

Volume – Trading volume is the total number of traders, trading the share on the same day. The high volume of shares meaning, the maximum number of people are showing their interest in the particular stock. You can check the volume status on the trading screen. Remember, your stock should have enough volume, so you can easily sell it at any time. Shyam Advisory® is one of the best intraday tips’ sites.

Price fluctuations – You might not find a huge price fluctuation in all the shares. But there are some stocks that can provide you huge profit. Always, buy a stock whose price fluctuations can get you enough profit within a day.

Bank Nifty Options Trading Tips

  1. You can make a large profit by trading nifty options when the market is at its lowest point. Nifty put option gets you the profit when the market is at a low point, buy nifty put option and make profit with less risk. Invest in a nifty put option, when the market is moving opposite to short-term trend direction. You can seek the best nifty suggestion from our experts.
  2. Nifty option trading depends on the price chosen by the trader. The expiration date of the nifty option affects the strike price. Traders can choose the out-of-money or in-the-money options as per the expiration date.
  3. Traders can go for both types of nifty options – put option and call option. Both the options have the same price, bought at the same point of time, and same expiration date. The risk in nifty options trading is less and the profit is limitless.
  4. Traders can make a huge profit when the expiration date is close as it is the premium time. We offer bank nifty paid calls to guide you for the investment in Bank NIFTY.
SEBI Registered nifty option tips providers

SEBI Registered nifty option tips providers

What are the best Nifty Trading Tips?

The best nifty tips are never overtraded and trading without stop loss can be suicidal. Overtrading can lead you towards a huge loss, whereas stop loss saves you from losing all your capital. Also, stop loss helps you to not lose capital even if the market falls down. 

What is the benefit of investing in NIFTY 50?

As per the best NIFTY tips provider – there is minimum risk of individual stocks and manager selection. Moreover, NIFTY 50 is the most diversified, and to survive the stock market, one should have a diversified portfolio. NIFTY 50 offers a golden opportunity to the traders to invest in 50 different stocks of different sectors.

How to invest in Nifty 50?

There are two ways either you directly invest in NIFTY 50 or there are other indirect options. The indirect options are Spot Trading, Derivative Trading, Nifty Futures, Nifty Options, and Index Funds. To know more about the investment in NIFTY 50, contact us for the best Nifty trading tips.

What are the best nifty options tips?

The best Nifty Options Tips are – a trader can even make a profit while the market is down and also, earn a maximum profit when the Nifty Options date is near. You can buy the Nifty Put options to make a profit when the market is going down. The best nifty options tips are – invest in Put Options when the market is going in the opposite direction to the short-term trend.

Which is better: Put Options and Call Options?

Both options have their own benefits. According to the option trading tips provider, a trader should invest in any options as per his/her requirements. However, by investing in Put Options, a trader can earn huge profits even when the market is not rising effectively. Our best option tips provider helps the trader to invest mindfully. 

What is the difference between NIFTY and Bank Nifty?

NIFTY provides a diversity of 50 stocks in the Stock Exchange Market from almost all sectors. Whereas Bank Nifty consists of stocks of banking and non-banking financial institutions. Both the NIFTY has their own risks and benefits for the traders. If you invest in NIFTY 50, you can enjoy the diversity of 50 stocks and can build a strong portfolio. 

What are the bank nifty option tips free?

As per the best bank nifty tips provider, a trader should check the rise and fall of Bank Nifty at 2 pm. As per the bank nifty tips provider, a trader should buy the stock when the high is crossed and sell when the low is crossed. Also, exit the market at 3:20 pm or when the stop closes. It will square off your investment and offer you profits.