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  • 2-4 calls per month
  • 3-12 months average holding period per call
  • Calls through SMS
  • 20-50% average return per call
  • Assistance in your existing portfolio to minimize losses
  • Invest not more than 5% of your capital in a call

(DELIVERY) BUY HINDUNILEVER CMP 2034 TGT 2280, 2500 SL 1750. (1-3 MONTH)



Period Amount GST (18%) Total Amount
6 Months 10,000 1,800 11,800

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Your Path to Profits With the Best Nifty Tips

Are you looking for Bank Nifty Options Tipsand strategies to get you on the right side of profits? Are you an intraday trader with small or medium capital with low or medium risk appetite? If yes, then you are in the right place and about to make the choice that will transform your investment portfolio into the most profitable it has ever been.

What is Nifty, Bank Nifty and what do these mean for you?

Nifty and Bank Nifty are both types of indexes that can help you earn significant profits if you invest right.
The Nifty 50, popularly known as Nifty, is a benchmark index that is the weighted average of 50 of the largest companies on the National Stock Exchange. When you invest in Nifty, you are investing in some of the largest companies in the country- something which can be a great way to profits.
Similarly, the Bank Nifty is a weighted index of the 12 largest banks in the country. This includes both private and public-sector banks, so you get a mix of stability and high-growth in the Bank Nifty.

How can I use Nifty and Bank Nifty movements to profit?

This is where Options trading comes in. You can buy Nifty and/or Bank Nifty options. In options trading, you have the obligation to buy or sell at the specified price on a specific day. Thus, unlike stocks and futures, you can cap your losses when you do options trading.

Advantages of trading in Nifty and Bank Nifty options tips

  • Indexes especially the Nifty are highly-diversified.
  • You can trade using lower margins.
  • Better predictions and opportunities to earn high profits by following Nifty options tips
  • High volatility, so the right set of bank Nifty options tips can get you greater profits than other investments

The best time to start investing is ‘yesterday’

Markets across the world are at their most volatile. Every day has the potential to create huge profits- but only when you have the right NIFTY tips by your side. With every passing day, you are losing out on opportunities to make a lot of wealth. For smart investors, this is the time to get into the markets and earn as much as they want.

Make the right choice with Shyam Advisory’s NIFTY Tips

The right service provider can give you Nifty future tips and bank nifty options tips that will provide you significant profits. We will also provide you knowledge about all the market conditions and technical levels that are behind our decisions. Our quality picks minimize the chances of any loss and help you devise a trading strategy as per your requirements. The market is at its volatile best at present- and trading can help you achieve your financial goals with minimal risk. For the best in stock picks and financial advice, reach out to us today at 0281 619 9999.