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Technical Report on Axis Bank by Shyam Advisory

February 21, 2022

Axis Bank is the third largest private sector bank in India. The Bank offers the
entire spectrum of financial services to customer segments covering Large and
Mid-Corporates, MSME, Agriculture and Retail Businesses
Capital Adequacy Ratio – 19.31%
Net Interest Margin – 3.59%
Gross NPA – 3.44%
Net NPA – 0.74%
CASA Ratio – 42%
Branch Network
Presently, the bank operates 4,586 branches with majority of branches present in
30% of its branches are present in Metro cities while the rest are present in urban,
semi-urban and rural areas.
Branch network has increased from ~2,900 in FY16 to ~4,600 in FY21.
It operates ~17,500 ATMs and cash deposit/ withdrawal machines across nation.
Loan Book
Retail loans account for 55% of bank’s loan book and corporate & SME loans
account for the rest 45%.
Retail segment has increased its share from 41% in FY16 to 55% in FY21.
Retail Book- Home loans account for 36% of retail book, followed by auto loans
(13%), rural lending (12%), personal loan(12%), loan against property (9%), credit
cards (5%), small business banking (5%) & others (8%).
Market Share
The bank has 5.1% market share in assets, 4.6% in deposits & 5.6% in advances in
the banking segment.
Retail Fee Mix
Bank earns retail fees from various mediums. retail cards account for 34% of fees,
followed by retail assets (20%), third party products (20%) and the rest 26% fees
comes from other mediums.

axix 1 - Shyam Advisory

Technical View: Axis Bank, daily chart is in to formation of classicalAscending
Triangle triangle. RSI is in to buying zone . Said share 800 will be acting as a major
hurdle to move forward in the break off said resistance can see stock reaching
towards 900
Volume analysis: – 1 Day Delivery volume fell by -33.03% % over 5 day average,
However; 1 Month: Delivery volume increase by 45.94%, Hence; We recommend
BUY signal for this share Buying range of share is 770-790 for Target 828, Target
880, Use Strict stop loss 746.
Moving Averages: – Axis Bank Ltd. is trading higher than 20 day, 50 day, 100 day
and 200 day moving averages but lower than 5 day moving averages
5 Day 796.19 50 Day 730.99 200 Day 745.54
20 Day 774.82 100 Day 740.44

Shareholding pattern:-

axis 2 - Shyam Advisory
The Promoter holdings have decreased by -1.93%. The number of shares held by
the Promoters has decreased by -16.28%. No change in Promoter pledged shares.
Key Ratio:-

axis 3 - Shyam Advisory