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Stock tips for long term investment

  • Posted Date: May 19, 2020

Stock tips: As the market prepares for Second round of Modi government, here are 13 stock tips for coming years

The stock Market industry is full of peaks and valleys, where one needs to be very careful while investing. As per to latest trends and circumstances prevailing in the economy there is an exceptional opportunity to invest your wealth to gain profits later. This article is full of share market tips and information on the stock exchange and their trends. We have listed some companies who are the safest options to invest in right now. We have listed them on the basis of favoring conditions prevailing in the market.

With a great victory in elections, India’s stock market is all ready to start the show with a boom. This year BSE and nifty has shown remarkable growth. After years, S&P BSE has reached 40,000 with 950 points. And similarly nifty has broken all its past records and reached to 12000.

The earlier exit polls already declared the higher percentage of a win to NDA. This led the market to rise in the positive frontier.

Believing that the prolongation on the path of progress is going to be continued, and there will more relaxation on the political front. The stock market is going to grow exceedingly.

As per current share market tips, investors should keep on investing in high caliber companies, it will help them in achieving higher results in the future. Be it different industries like banking, IT, FMCG, etc. As per the data extracted in the former span of the Modi Government, S&P BSE aroused 94%. The contribution from IT was 78%, and FMCG was 73%.

As per the experts’ stock tips, domestic consumption will be the foundation of investments in the Indian Market. As per Sandip Raichura, CEO Retail, and Distribution, of Prabhudas Lilladher, Consumption, named financials, oil marketing companies, and engineering companies will be profitable in the coming days.

Share Market tips say these are the 13 best bets stocks to invest in:

Mahindra and Mahindra

As per the upcoming trends in the UV segment, there are full chances of growth in sales of passenger cars. Stock tips advise 1,000/share out of which Rs 319 is derived value of subsidiaries.

State Bank Of India

With a growing profit percentage annually, SBI’s RoA’s are also coming closer to 1%. Its shares will be bought at 410 fair value, which could be regained as excess in 1.2% of the book, and 7% by March 2021. EPS is estimated to be 15% in the midterm on Roe.

Colgate Palmolive

There are possibilities of growth in revenue in upcoming years. This is been expected with current trends of favor in market share, and the renewal of premiumization trends. Fair value for shares is 1400 and expected growth in terms of CAGR is 15 to 16 %.

Power Grid

There are attractive gains in the power grid, they have grown with a lower cost of capital, and their existing projects are expected to earn 14 of CAGR.


We expect the company’s loan growth to remain 22 percent over the next two years and earnings growth to be more than 21 percent.

With the constant growth in the loan department of about 22% and increasing revenue of 21%, it is a safe option to invest in.

RBL Bank

It deals with a reasonable rate of shares, in its high growth phase as well as maintaining the asset stability and quality.

Bata India

As per to share market experts, Bata is increasing its brand consciousness among its customers which will lead to a rise in its revenue CAGR of 16%.

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti is expected to increase its sales, it is because of increasing Nexa outlets, and efficient operations at Gujarat plant.

Aurobindo Pharma

As per trend analysts, the company is all set to grow with an increasing rate of 19%. And even in comparison to its peers, it is developing in a better way.

Larsen & Toubro

As per the current scenario, the company is in a well-managed position. Having orders lined up to 9 to 10 lakh cr worth. It is a great opportunity to invest in.


The bank has a strong base of quality assets, as well as aiming towards high efficiency in the system, possibly by 2020 they will achieve ROE of 15%.

Ultratech Cement

A branded name and quite strong in terms of their financial capabilities. They are observing a sustainable growth rate over years and years.

With providing affordable housing projects, companies growth rate accounts for 14 years over year. They are even working in directions of Cost Cutting.

Britannia Industries

Britannia industries are showing expansion in the coming years, They are focusing on new launches and diversification in their products. As per 2019 stats, the company has shown a 7% growth in revenue.

There are further newer projects at the Ranjangaon plant lined up to develop and grow the industry.

These are the top 13 stock tips for investors who are planning to invest in the Indian stock market at present.

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