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Technical Report on Sundaram fasteners ltd By Shyam Advisory

March 28, 2022

Sundaram fasteners ltd, a part of the TVS Group of Companies, is engaged in
manufacturing critical, high precision components such as fasteners, power train
components etc for the automotive, infrastructure, windmill, and aviation sectors.
Product Portfolio
High Tensile Fasteners:Wind Energy Fasteners, Automotive Fasteners, Engine
Fasteners Aerospace and Aviation Fasteners, etc.
Cold extruded parts:Gear blanks, Transmission shafts, Cams, etc
Hot Forged Parts:Bevel Gear & Pinion Family, Hub and Gen 3 Bearing hub rings, etc.
Powertrain components:Turbine and output Shafts, Clutch hub, Sun Gear Shafts, etc.
Pump & Assemblies:Water pumps, Oil pumps, Mechanical Fuel feed pumps.
Radiator Caps:Metal Caps, Nylon Caps.
Powder metallurgy:rotors and gears, synchronizer hubs, bushes, and structural parts,
Geographical Split
India – 60% in FY21 vs 58% in FY20
USA – 27% in FY21 vs 27% in FY20
UK, China & Rest of the world – 13% in FY21 vs 15% in FY20
The Co supplies to a number of international OEMs including GM, John Deere, New
Daimler Chrysler, Cummins etc.
Manufacturing Capabilities
The Co has manufacturing base setup in India as well as outside India. It has 13
manufacturing facilities in India located in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh,
Puducherry and uttarakhand. Outside India, it has manufacturing facilities in China and the
The Company incurred 140 Crores towards capital expenditure on existing and new
projects during FY21. The capital investments were incurred in tandem with the production
plans of key customers.
Capex is expected to be higher at around Rs 250-300 crore each for the next 2 years as
the company is looking to expand new products at existing facilities.
New Unit
The Company has set up a new SEZ Unit at Sri City, Andhra Pradesh with an initial
investment of Rs 100 Crores to manufacture and export engineering components to a
European powertrain manufacturer for onward supply to its global marquee OEM
customers. The Unit commenced commercial production and made the first shipment to
Germany in January 2020.

The Company has 6 Domestic Subsidiaries and 5 Overseas Subsidiaries. The total
revenue from all the subsidiaries of the Company in aggregate during FY21 was at 649
Crores resulting in an overall contribution of 18% to the consolidated revenue.
The Co spent 12 crores on R&D during FY21. Its R&D is focused on development of
products for new applications and markets and reduction of manufacturing lead time/costs
through elimination/change in process.

SUNDARAM 1 - Shyam Advisory
Technical View: Sundaram fasteners ltd, recently had a classical symmetrical
Triangle breakout with stronh Bullish candle , Stock have chance to retest brekout
level which at 885 RSI trading at overbought zone, MACD crossover support the
positive trend Overall structure look positive .
Volume analysis: – 1 Day Delivery volume Increase by 28.2% over 5 day average,
However; 1 Month: Delivery volume increase by 161.66% , As per volume
gerneration stock may atract more volumes in upcoming session, hence;We
recommend BUY signal for this share. As stock may retest the Breakout level which
is at 885 , Therfore;We recommand to Buy this stock at 885-900 zone for Target
993,Use Strict stop loss 850 .
Moving Averages: -Sundram Fasteners Ltd. is trading higher than 5 day, 20 day, 50 day, 100
day and 200 day moving averages.
5 Day 886.89 50 Day 852.94 200 Day 842.53
20 Day 836.15 100 Day 853.27

Shareholding pattern:-

SUNDARAM 2 - Shyam Advisory
The Promoter holdings 49.53% . No change in Promoter holdings. No change in
Promoter pledged shares.
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