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March 15, 2022

Reliance Industries | Subsidiary Reliance New Energy has acquired assets of Lithium Werks BV. The company acquired Lithium’s assets for $61 million including funding for future growth. The assets include the entire patent portfolio of Lithium Werks, manufacturing facility in China, key business contracts and hiring of existing employees as a going concern.

Avantel | The company has received a supply order of loco devices for implementation of RTIS phase – 2 (Real Time Train Information system). The order is valued at Rs 125.68 crore.

Dhampur Sugar Mills | Oregon Public Employees Retirement System purchased 4,62,371 equity shares in the sugar company via open market transactions. These shares were bought at an average price of Rs 492.28 per share.

RITES | The company has declared a third interim dividend of Rs 7.50 per share. The record date has been fixed as March 25 for the payment of dividend.

Marsons | The board has approved the purchase of advanced thermoelectric technology to generate cheap sustainable power from waste heat and to reduce global CO2 emissions). The technology will be acquired from US based company Micro Power Global Limited in lieu of equity shares to be allotted on preferential basis.

Manappuram Finance | The board, on March 17, will consider the borrowing program for the financial year FY22-23. The borrowing program includes issuance of redeemable non-convertible debentures, notes, bonds (debt securities) in onshore/offshore market by way of private placement and/or public issue.

Wipro | The IT services company has bagged a contract from Speira which has operations in Germany and Norway. Over the next five years, Wipro will work to strengthen the technology infrastructure and cybersecurity requirements of Speira.

Moschip Technologies | NCLT has approved the Scheme of Amalgamation of Maven Systems with MosChip Technologies