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Quarter 4 Results of stocks, Hits and misses

  • Posted Date: June 20, 2020

Quarter 4 Results of stocks, Hits and misses

Well, it is the earning season again and people are looking for real results that a company has got to give. There are some companies which have done exceptionally well while others are yet t show some improvement or have even gone worst. It is time for happiness and surprises based on your holding. Also it depends on your research and once that goes right then you will be able to see some really good results and that is something very important, which one needs to keep in mind. Share market is a world of surprises and one cannot be sure about the growth.

Keep in mind that if you want some good Share market tips, then you should keep reading and get some good information which can get profits for you and increase your wealth and bring you prosperity at all times.

Let us start with a few of them.

Yes Bank A Story for Big Loss.

The first one that comes in mind in misses is Yes Bank, this has been a very serious loss of almost 30% in the price as there is a big 1500+ CR loss, people were expecting a very god results and the stock was expected to go up a great deal but nothing of that sort has happened and things have not gone in the right way for the investors as it should have gone. Lots of people have lots lots of money who were invested at the higher levels are stock very badly and chance of recovery is on lower side in near future and hence one needs to look at some other bank for growing PSU pack looks to be a good options and some other private bank but the story is not very good with the YES bank at the present time and does not look to improve in near future also. There are many people who are are suffering huge losses in this share if they were having a bigger stake at a higher price. So if you are doing any more fresh investment in this is very careful. Please continue reading for a few Share market tips.

Maruti Suzuki Biggest surprise of Q4

This is was one of the worst quarters for maruti and there was 25% drop in the production in current Q4 and that has results in a big fall from 1,811.45 to 1,541.5, so one can say that the EBITDA has gone down by about 14.9 percent. This can be considered as a big loss and people can lose some serious trust in the company. Also with new strict laws coming in for emission, there are lots of auto shares which are in fire and things do not look too good in near future and does not seem to be improving too much.

There are lots of people who just invest in the market without thinking or researching at all and then regret latter if the results are not good. Keep in mind that one has to research well and find some really good bets where the risk and reward ratio is good. So though this is gem in the industry and is expected to go up, but at the present time, there are some issues, which the company has t take care of. Keep going for some Share market tips.

HUL Story of the GEM

Hindustan Unilever the kind of FMCG delivered the result and it was really good and there was a rise in the net profit of Rs 1,538 crore but though it slightly missed the estimate but it did very well in terms of the result. The revenue also went up and that was a big plus. This was heartening to see as this was a tough quarter for most companies but this one did very well. There are lots of companies who are going through many issues but this one did well and though not completely as per expectation but did well.

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