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Intraday Trading Tips That you Need to Follow

  • Posted Date: January 19, 2022
Intraday Trading Tips

Trading in the share market is very beneficial as it helps in earning greater profits in one go if money is invested in the right stock at the right time. You have also heard about intraday trading and wanted to trade in it as well, but didn’t know much about it. Don’t worry we will help you in learning about intraday trading and provide you with some of the best intraday trading tips. Shyam advisory is the best intraday tips site that is helping their customers with the most reliable information and helping them in earning greater profits.

What is intraday trading?

Intraday trading is also known as day trading. As there is buying and selling of the stocks on the same trading day. Prices of the shares keep fluctuating throughout the day and intraday traders used to draw profits from these fluctuating prices of the shares. The shares are bought and sold on the same day before the closing of the market and if the same is not done your broker may square off your position or convert your shares into a delivery trade. This kind of trading does not have a lot of risks which makes it beneficial for both beginners and experts.

Some basics of the intraday trading

Let’s learn some basics about intraday trading that you need to know before starting the investment. Intraday trading is done on the online platform. It is important to specifically mention ‘intraday’ in the portal of the platform that is used. This enables the users for buying and sell the same number of stock from the same company on the same day before the closing of the market.

Shyam advisory is the best intraday tips provider in India. So let’s get to know some of the best intraday tips:

  • Choosing the appropriate stocks is very important as you need to do the buying and selling of the shares on the same day. However, exchanges need to execute these orders so that there should be liquidity in the market. So one of the first intraday tips is to avoid investing in the mid-caps or small caps as they are not very liquid.
  • The setting of the stop loss level is necessary as there are the possibilities that it might be possible that the day you trade in the share the price of share falls instead of rising. This acts as a safety and helps in minimising the losses.
  • Preserve the price of entry and exit before taking the position which ensures that you are having an objective view.
  • Close all the open positions before the market closes. As the stocks that are bought for the purpose of intraday trading might not be good for long-term investment. So it is necessary to look after the intraday calls and the fundamental strength of the stock before converting them to delivery.

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