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How does your money grow in the stock Market?

  • Posted Date: March 26, 2019

People usually invest money to make money from it. No doubt you will find several investment options nowadays but stock market is one of the best and popular among people. Yes, there is always a risk factor in stock market investment but if you have prior experience and better understanding about stocks then you can easily create huge profits from stock market investment.

According to stock market experts to become a successful stock marketer a person need to have patience, in-depth knowledge, complete understanding about the market and stock picking skills.

Now the question is how money grows in stock market. Let’s understand it in details.

Every stock market investor wants to know how the money grows? So here is the answer, your money in the stock market grows via two curtail ways;

Stock value increment

If your stock value increases the ultimately your money will grow accordingly. Overall the value of a stock is normally determined by the capital appreciation. Capital appreciation is nothing but the rise in value of stock according to the rising market price. When the original invested capital of your stock increases at that time the capital appreciation occurs and stock value increases. You can’t earn from your stock till you are not selling your share. Normally when the company doesn’t perform well the stock value decreases so always sell the value of your stock when the stock value is high in the market.


Dividends are another major investment return that company pays to their shareholders. Usually the dividends are calculated according to the revenue of the company and it can be paid in stock dividend or cash. Cash dividends is nothing but the earning defined by the company per stock. Stock dividend is additional stocks which normally given to the shareholders free of charges. The shareholder can sell these shares any time after the issue of the stocks. Dividends earnings are like quarterly, semiannually or annually.

Essential tips to growing your money in Stock market

If you have in depth knowledge about stocks and how markets works then it’s always easy for you to invest money on stock market and generate profit. Here we are going to share some tips which can help you a lot to grow your money in the stock market. Read every points carefully and apply it.

Follow the right strategy

As we all know investment need proper strategy to generate profit from it. Nothing new in case of stock market! If you are following the right strategy of investment on proper stocks then you will definitely get benefit of it. Now the question what is the right strategy? The answer is pretty simple you have to make proper strategy to buy stocks and how long you need to hold them to generate good amount from this investment. Market prediction, proper stock picking and proper analysis are some of the minimum requirement which can give you huge success in stock market investment.


Expert stock markets says patience is the key to get success in stock market investment. Market is quite volatile and always risky so as an investor it’s always crucial to stay calm and hold stock properly and sell stocks at the perfect time.Sometimes market may give you negative returns but nothing to worry about it just keep patience and wait for the right time.


Timing is always crucial for stock market investment. Purchase and selling stocks at perfect time is a special skill which comes with experience and experiment. Recession is always the best time to invest money on stocks by purchasing it and another great timing of selling or purchasing stocks are when company sell their stocks or release stocks at very low price.

Overall stock market investment is a good way to grow your money if you have proper knowledge and skill about stock market and stock picking. Hope this post help you a lot to understand how your money grows in stock market and how it works.

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