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Day Trading: perfect approach for beginners

  • Posted Date: March 19, 2019

Here in this blog we are going to know about day trading and some important things relevant to it. No one can guide or train you on day trading! It’s all about experience and practice. When you are buying stocks make sure to go with companies having strong background and always purchase stocks for long hold. But if you want to make some quick money and can’t wait for long hold then you can go with day trading.

In stock market some stocks are not ideal for long hold but for short term they are amazing. Day trading is always a good investment if you have vast experience in trading and good knowledge about companies where you can make good amount with day trading. Day trading is always risky but you can also make huge money by investing very small amount.

Here question arises whether you should try day trading or not? Let’s understand it properly.

Day trading is worth trying or not?

If you want to know the short answer of this question then it’s a big yes. If you want to practice as a beginner then day trading is a bad idea but if you have prior experience then it’s good.

For value investors, who can deal with profitable ratios, cash flows and other relevant parameters appropriately, day trading always the best option. Most of the professional day traders depends on their technical analysis and picks stocks. If you are not a professional then you can practice with by investing small amount with risk.

Now most of the newbies ask one thing how they can pick stocks and how to manage everything properly for day trading.

How to pick stocks for Day trading?

You can’t just pick any stocks for day trading. Different stocks have different characteristics. There are also example of reputed stocks also fail in case of day trading. That doesn’t mean that you will take any non-reputed and penny stocks for day trading.

Normally you will find strong and unique characteristics in strong stocks. Same in the case of day trading stocks, they have their own attributes. If you want to generate good benefit from day trading then it’s always important to identify the best stock and pick it. If you have a perfect stock then the success rate is almost 50%.

How you can easily identify the best stocks for day trading

Here we are going to mention some basic things which will definitely help you to pick up the best stock for day trading. Just follow up these things to get a profitable stock.

1. Blue chip

The very first thing you have to choose a stock which undergoes the list of blue chip companies. Now the question is why blue chip? The answer is pretty simple these stocks are market leaders with great value. It’s like brand name and most popular stocks among others.


2. Trending

After considering blue chip the next thing you have to focus on the trending of that stock. Now you can do some research and make sure that the stock is making news or on trend. For this, you can follow business news channel and other stock market news. Trending always matters so never miss this essential steps when you are considering a new stock for day trading.

3. High Volume

Always go with high volume stocks as these are best for day trading. This is always an important metric for day trading. You can easily get information about best high trading stocks on internet by doing little bit research.


When you are picking stocks for day trading never take decision in hurry. Take your time, do proper analysis of market and stocks according to the stock picking requirements then go for it. If you are a newbie then nothing to worry keep practicing and gain experience to become a successful day trader.

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