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Crude Oil can affect the India – Do you need Tip for crude oil?

  • Posted Date: August 25, 2020
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Crude Oil can affect the Indian economy completely

Crude prices going up? Is it causing lots of worry? There are lots of problems from last few years that one is facing and going through a tough time. The prices of oil are going up a lot and many countries are facing lots of problems. If you have noticed this is steadily rising a great deal. The prices could be danger for one and all; this could be a major problem for all of us.  Make sure you get the right information and if you do not then we give you crude oil tips something like BUY CRUDE OIL MARCH FUTURE CMP 4030 TARGET 4200 STOP LOSS 3900.

Many people have been seeing this trend with is going up since this year and this is something that is happening after 2014 and that is really causing some worry. The global price has gone up of the crude oil very high from 2014. So are you confused why the prices of crude are going up s much. Well there are reasons for that.

Lots of people are going through lots of issues, due to this increase in the price and that is something very important to take note of.  The issue of oil prices going up can slow up the growth of many countries including India. The prices are shooting up to high levels. It was only 29/barrel price in year 2016 but at the current time it is almost more than double and sometime even more This is have huge impact on countries like India who have got very high imports of oil and can effect a great deal on the economy and that is the last thing they can think of. India imports huge amount of oil and that has terrible impact on thing each year. The crude oil is something that is required everywhere.

One needs to keep this in mind. India import about 86% of the crude oil requirement and that is something on the higher side and one has to take care of this too. This is completely affecting India fiscal deficit, which is huge and can create a major amount of deficit and that is the last thing one wants. If expenses are very high then the government needs to borrow the amount or burden the people and that is the last thing they want to do.

Keep in mind that if the crude oil prices are going up all the time, then it is completely going to affect the rupee. Depreciation of the rupees is going to have big impact on the economy.

To arrest the fall of the rupees RBI is taking some serious steps and that is going to affects certain things in mind. This thing could have serious impact on Stock market and also the India economy and can cause lots of issues.

So as you know by now oil is affecting the Indian growth story and if one need to take care of things then, then price of oil should come down or even the fiscal deficit will go up and that is the last thing one want as an Indian. Keep in mind that is crude pries stay on a very high level, then there could be a problem and that can have issues with imports and exports too and that is the lest thing you want, so one has to be very careful.

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