How Election Influenced Stock Market - Lok Sabha Elections 2024   

Exit Poll Predictions 

Exit polls can significantly impact markets, causing unwarranted optimism or pessimism. Investors closely monitor updates, as seen with 2004's artificial volatility from early prediction

Economic Blueprint of the Opposition 

The opposition's critique of BJP’s policies prompts questions about their alternative; clear plans can boost investor confidence, while vague promises may unsettle markets.

The Modi Influence 

PM Narendra Modi's popularity boosts markets, especially among urban middle class, youth, and businesses. His continued leadership may encourage optimism, while his departure could impulse fears of stalled reforms. 

Global Influences & Investor Sentiment

Global factors like recession risks, geopolitical tensions, US Fed rate changes, and commodity prices could increase market volatility and affect foreign investor sentiment during the 2024 elections.

Tax Policies & Corporate Earnings Impact 

Corporate tax policies are crucial, lower taxes could boost markets, while proposed tax increases for populist schemes may alarm markets, especially in IT, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods.