5 Key Factors To Influence Stock Market Performance

Monsoon Season 

The progress of the monsoon season will be closely monitored, as it significantly impacts the agricultural sector and overall economic health. 

RBI Policies 

The RBI aligns its policies with global central banks. Whether it will follow the US Fed on interest rate cuts or act first is eagerly awaited. A rate cut could boost the economy.

Upcoming Budget for 2024-25

With the Lok Sabha elections in April-May 2024, India had a vote on account in February, with the main budget in July. The upcoming budget is crucial, especially since the BJP didn't secure a majority. 

US Elections 

The upcoming US elections are a key factor influencing the stock market, shaping policies in the world's largest economy and impacting foreign investor decisions on emerging markets.

US Fed Rate

The US interest rate environment and the 2024 election add uncertainty and potential volatility to markets.

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