5 Best Insurance Stocks in July 2024

State Bank of India (SBI) Life

The second-largest life insurer in India, with an EPS of Rs 18.9 and an ROE of 13.6%, is trading at Rs 1500 and is supported by SBI's extensive branch network.

Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited  (HDFC) Life

With an alliance supporting it, Tarde, priced at Rs 600, provides insurance products with an ROE of 11.4% and an EPS of Rs 7.32.

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)

Tarde, at Rs 810 with an EPS of Rs 86.6 and ROE of -16.2%, offers stability and long-term growth potential.

Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India(ICICI) Prudential

Trade at Rs 615 offers a variety of insurance products with an ROE of 8.07% and EPS of Rs 5.9 and leverages technology to improve customer experiences and efficiency.

Star Health

Trade at Rs 574 is India’s top health insurer with rapid growth, strong financial, an ROE of 19.9%, and an EPS of Rs 14.4. Ideal for investments.

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