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Stocks That Would Give High Returns in the Upcoming Weeks

  • Posted Date: August 20, 2019

Stocks worth Investing In This Present Scenario

Should I invest in stocks? Is it the right moment to invest in the stock market? Having questions or doubts about the stock market is quite obvious if the present situation is taken into consideration. The market is extremely volatile and it’s experiencing occasional bouts of ups and downs. For instance, the market gained some momentum around 20th July with Nifty reaching 11,000 mark but on 27th July, Nifty faced a decline. Hence, the share prices of many companies, such as Crompton Greaves, REC Ltd, and so on faced a sharp decline.

It can be said that market volatility is a part and parcel for the investors. To move carefully in this volatile market, taking the help of market analysts and financial experts like Shyam Advisory is recommended. New investors would be guided completely so that they get the opportunity to invest in the right kind of stocks and become a successful investor.

What Does Stock Investment Mean?

Are you an investor? Are you planning to invest in stocks? Well, if you said – Yes, make sure you have some proper idea about investment. Proper information about stock investment and the options available will help an investor to make the right investment choice.

Well, investing is more than choosing some stocks, which would generate wealth. It’s about diversifying the investment portfolio. However, before following the stock tips, an investor should research about the company. They should understand the position of the company in the market and its financial condition. They would know if they will be able to earn in the long run.

The stock investment provides guaranteed high returns. But the stock and the stock market are extremely volatile. Well, the value of a stock can drop at any time. Even market analysts can’t predict if the stock value would drop shortly or not. Hence, stock investment involves risk. Unless an investor makes a wrong decision to sell the stocks, they won’t lose much money.

Before making any move in the stock market, one needs to study the market carefully. This is where an investor might need the guidance of professional advisors and market analysts.

Trading in Stocks: An Exciting Thing for Many

The Indian stock market is in a volatile state. Well, one gets to witness a rising number of COVID-19 cases every day. Still, market experts are recommending investors not to shun away from investments. Rather, investors both seasoned and new investors should trade on those stocks that would give them high returns. Those who are new to investment and wondering about the stocks to buy don’t need to panic.

We have come up with a small list of stocks that would give good returns on a short term basis. For instance, market experts working with Shyam Advisory feel that stocks of HCL Tech or Sun Pharma or Tech Mahindra would give investors some good returns.

After carefully studying the market, market experts are advising investors to buy Sun Pharma stocks with a stop loss of Rs 480 and target it for Rs 505. Similarly, investors who are willing to invest in the stocks of Tech Mahindra should go for it when it is at a stop loss of Rs 648 and also target it for Rs 670. Investment experts are also advising investors to purchase Hindustan Unilever when its stop loss is Rs 2185 and target the stocks for Rs 2260.

One gets to see that plenty of stock options for a short term basis available in the market. Hence, one needs to invest wisely. To help new investors in picking the right stocks for a short term basis, adhering to the stock options tips offered by the market professionals is mandatory.

Is Intraday Trading Worthy?

Whenever the question of stock trading comes up, investors usually get confused. They don’t know if they should go for day trading, also known as intraday trading, or invest in stocks on a short-term or long-term basis.

According to market analysts and financial planners, new investors should start with intraday trading. They should trade with stocks that call for using the right strategy to buy and sell the stocks within a single day. New investors with the help of intraday tips would learn about those stocks in news and trade with them till they are in a profitable position. The market analysts and professionals would gladly keep the investors updated about the stock trading rules which are otherwise hard to follow.

The main aim of intraday trading is to make some quick profit. This is possible as day stocks are very dynamic. Moreover, they are easy to buy and sell. In fact, after a few days with intraday trading, a new investor would be able to easily speculate the price movement of a stock. Hence, identifying the stock options for intraday trading with or without the stock tips won’t be very challenging.

Investing Stock a Good Idea

Going by the present scenario, it’s important to trade in some stocks. Some might suggest that the Indian market is extremely volatile; yet, the market shod a sustained increase. Market experts rightly pointed that last week (24th July) the S&P BSE Sensex looked up by 3%; whereas the Nifty50 showed an increase of 2.6%. While in the past, the Nifty violated the crucial resistance levels but going by the fact that the Nifty index is switching the vital resistance level; profit booking can’t be eliminated.

Profit Booking Likely To Happen

After carefully studying the market, market analysts working with Shyam Advisory have rightly pointed out that investors should go for profit booking. Technically speaking, investors should liquidate their investment into cash. It calls investors to book their profits.

With the stock market is trading in an overbought zone, investors who are new in this stock market segment is likely to get confused. The reason is pretty obvious as the market holds the tendency to surprise investors at every moment. Theoretically, the current market is having the chance of some correction. Rather, than anticipating the market, investors should wait and look for other signs before going for profit booking.

Market analysts are hopeful about the fact that if we take a close look into the market along with the expert stock tips, we can expect some good profit booking. Without wasting much time, let’s take a look into some stocks to watch that would give good returns in the coming weeks.

Stocks with Good Returns

Confused? Don’t know which stocks to go for that would give you some good returns in the coming 3-4 weeks? Just follow the rest of the post to get your answer.

Ashok Leyland Ltd

It’s worth investing in the stocks of Ashok Leyland. If one follows the daily chart, one gets to see that the stock of this company has held up to the bottom band of the downward channel line formation and has been trading on it. On top of that, an optimistic crossover indicated a positive trend for the time being. Investors should go for this stock for Rs 50 and when its stop loss is Rs 43.

Canara Bank

One of the stocks in news is that of the Canara Bank. Well, market analysts saw that the stock of this bank closed almost coming near to the long-term support zone. The stock rallied many times from its present level. According to the experts, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) showed a positive side on the weekly chart. This indicates a restricted pitfall for the stock and it even indicated a retreat on the upside.

Market experts pointed out that the formation of dragonfly Doji close to the key support is suggesting the chance of a retreat. Hence, it’s worth taking a look into the stocks of Canara Bank. Investors who are planning to buy stocks of Canara Bank would be greatly benefited. They should buy Canara Bank stocks when it’s around Rs 101 and comes with a stop loss of Rs 89.

IndusInd Bank Ltd

Do you need any stock options tips for purchasing the stocks of IndusInd Bank Ltd? Well, investors can talk to the professional experts and market analysts for it. According to the experts, investors should go for the stocks of IndusInd Bank Ltd and buy it when it’s around Rs 520 and its stop loss is Rs 488.

Presently, it’s holding back for the decampment on the upside so that it can step up the buying momentum. On the daily stretch, if one takes a look at the chart, one sees a buoyant impulse.

In case an investor is wondering if IndusInd Bank stock is good to buy or not; then they should take a look into the share price. Well, signs are showing a favorable scenario in the coming weeks. IndusInd Bank with a market cap of Rs 28251.94 crore, makes it a worthy investment option.


Seasoned investors shouldn’t shun away from investing in the stocks of IDBI Bank. Market analyst saw that the stock price jumped by 5% for this private sector bank, as soon as the bank announced it earned a net profit of Rs 144.43 crore for the June quarter of 2020-21 financial year. Hence, investors should go for the stock of IBDI Bank when it’s above Rs 38.

Aarti Industries

Talk to the market experts working with Shyam Advisory and know the right time to buy the stock of this company. After the merger, the stock is ready to bounce back. The daily chart shows that the stock is witnessing a rising trend. It’s better if one buys the stock when its price is above Rs 960 and having a stop loss of Rs 890.

Jubilant Lifesciences

The stock is maintaining a major moving average across the daily chart; whereas the weekly chart shows a rising tendency. It is also noting an average crossover that would further underpin the rising price. If one wants to follow the advice of professionals, investors should go for this stock when it’s above Rs 760 and its stop loss is Rs 670.

IPCA Laboratories

Looking for some valuable stock tips from experts? Go for this stock as it is witnessing an all-time high. Investors should go for this stock and buy it for Rs 1845 and stop loss of Rs 1780. The key moving average is helping the stock to move upward.

There are plenty of other stocks, such as Natco Pharma, IRB Infrastructure Developers, MCX, etc which one should invest in. However, new investors should take professional guidance always.

Final Thoughts

A seasoned investor might not need any expert stock options tips before many any investment. However, this is not the case for new investors. New investment players would benefit from the expert tips, as it would be charted out after scrutinizing the present market condition. With the right stocks to invest, investors would improve their wealth.

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