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The corona virus pandemic is escalating on a global scale. Investors are generically unsure about the damage that this is going to inflict on the companies. It is overall difficult to price the market.

The stock market is also going to be affected by the time that will be taken to contain Corona virus.

The market is close to its lowest time. Numerous financial advisors hence believe that this is the best time to go shopping for stocks. But an investor needs to under... Know More
A stock market is a fascinating place. Numerous people have attempted to understand the workings of the stock markets. Numerous have gained tremendously at the same as well.

Let us take a look at a few of the interesting facts regarding the stock markets that not all people are aware about.

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People usually invest money to make money from it. No doubt you will find several investment options nowadays but stock market is one of the best and popular among people. Yes, there is always a risk factor in stock market investment but if you have prior experience and better understanding about stocks then you can easily create huge profits from stock market investment.

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Here in this blog we are going to know about day trading and some important things relevant to it. No one can guide or train you on day trading! It’s all about experience and practice. When you are buying stocks make sure to go with companies having strong background and always purchase stocks for long hold. But if you want to make some quick money and can’t wait for long hold then you can go with day trading.

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Investor sentiment towards the Indian stock market has been influenced by the sharp downward trend at this point. Fresh players have chosen to rework their IPO plans.

On 12th March, Thursday, Sensex saw a major crash and was down by 2,900 points or 8% in just one day. The western stock markets have experienced a similar fall in and around the p... Know More