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A little correction in any valuable stock is always considered healthy and welcomed by the market for two reasons. Firstly, it gives them a chance to increase their holdings, and secondly, it also reflects that the stock’s rally is based on solid fundamentals and not just driven by SMS and forums. However, the free fall that started in IndusInd bank definitely points out some trouble in the background. Even before the Corona Pandemic had hit the markets, IndusIn... Know More
As the new year and the new decade started, the world also came to terms with a new word, a new normal that we call Corona Pandemic now. The origin of the virus was traced back to Wuhan and gradually it spread to the entire world, although not at the same pace. China was the hardest-hit country in the beginning but as are the things with the Dragon, it recovered quickly and flattened its curve. The rest of the world is still simmering with the aftermath of the pandemic.

As the ane... Know More
Indian stock markets have extended their gains in the trading session of Thursday, 23rd April 2020. This is in the hopes of a new stimulus package by the government. The situation remains so, even while the increase in the numbers of COVID-19 cases has been a cause of concern for the investors.

On Thursday, BSE Sensex closed down on 483.53 points. This was 1.54% higher and stood at 31,863.08. Nifty, similarly, rose by 126.60 points. It was higher by 1.38% and ended on 9,313.90 on ... Know More
Corona pandemic has started eating into the vitals of our Indian stock market. While the central and state governments have armed themselves with testing kits and enforced social distancing norms, the Indian stock market has touched new lows. And surprisingly, crude oil prices have been trading at negative prices. Several brokerage firms must have failed to provide correct crude oil tips. Going by the reactions from seasoned investors and veterans, the picture i... Know More
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the extension of the lockdown till 3rd May. Indian stock market will be under pressure when it reopens for trading on Wednesday. Markets were closed on Tuesday, 14th April 2020, on the occasion of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Jayanti.

While the move is essential for bringing the spread of Coronavirus under check, it does not augur brightly for stock markets.

Relaxation will nevertheless be permitted in areas that play an important rol... Know More