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Crude Oil Tips By Shyam Advisory

Uploaded Date 09-Jul-19

Factors that Influence the Price of Crude Oil

Commodities such as oil tend to be exposed to greater fluctuations in price than a stable investment like bonds and stocks. The various influencers that affect crude oil prices are explained below.

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Stock Options Tips and Futures tips

Uploaded Date 08-Jul-19

What is an options contract?

An options contract provides the seller a right, not an obligation, to sell or buy shares of given underlying stock at a fixed strike price on or before the date of expiry of the options contract. There are only two kinds of options: call option and put option.
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Relationship between Crude Oil and Sensex  Prices

Crude Oil is one of the most important commodities for any economy, it's fluctuating prices play a vital role in enhancing and depriving national stock markets. In context to the Indian Market, studies have shown a substantial rise in the Sensex at ti... Know More


Averaging down in stock market lingo means purchasing additional units of stocks already held by the investor after the price of stock declines. This eventually results in a drop in the average cost per share that was purchased by the investor.  It is one of the mos... Know More

Impact of the U.S. trade war on Indian stock market

What is the Indian stock market?

Like any other market, the stock market is a p... Know More

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